After Christmas there was a period of calm on the statistics front, the newspaper were mainly covering how awful the government is and they don’t any numerical proof for that But suddenly in the last few weeks its back to business as usual.

Evening Standard Febraury 6th: in a preview of the Nigeria Ghana friendly at Griffin Park claimed that there were 1 million Nigerians and 400000 Ghanaians living in London.
Where can this rubbish have come from? I crawled the web trying to find some estimate of the truth when I found this which claims that there are one million Nigerians in Britain. All is explained: the Evening Standard has taken the first number it could find related to the whole country and then claimed in for London.

The truth? who knows – but out of 850000 London schoolchildren, 10400 could speak Yoruba and 1900 Igbo. Obviously imigrants tend to be more common amingst children but this might gross up to about 50-70000 of all ages.

Crapstats rating ***

In the same issue of the Evening Standard came the remarkable headline “One in 10 doctors can’t speak English”. The justification for this was that whereas doctos from outside the EU have to take a language test before practicing, those from other EU countries, didnt and that was 23085 out of 240000 doctors currrently working in this country.
The Evening Standard has immediately understood that as foriegners, they simply can’t speak English – however much you shout at them.

Crapstats rating ***