the baby beats the nurse and quite athwart goes all decorum.
On the whole, this blog expects misinformation from all sources but was a bit shocked to find that even Google had joined the countless throng of bollocks-providers. This blog was casually googling itself and got the following:

This is the first page returned on a search of “crapstats” (No I do NOT mean carpstats). I’m pleased that I’m above sadtosser – and surprised because he’s got links of links. But whats the point in being right up there if the casual punter searching for my deathless prose then gets directed to and specifically a page about the Tennessee Treeing Walker Coonhound.

Like most bloggers, I’m hoping that someone will turn my blog into a film starring Billie Piper’s snatch, but for that to happen I need the traffic. This sort of thing isn’t going to help.