It is with considerable trepidation that this blog steps into the Global Warming Arena. This blog has always been somewhat sceptical about climate change because it can remember when the new Ice Age was about to come upon us (and don’t forget that the 1970s saw 7 bad winters). It also dislikes on principle the shrill puritanism that afflicts so many climate change campaigners. The glee with which they tell our young children that the world, far from being the fun place is appears, is in fact a hell built especially for the next generation disgusts this blog.

Nevertheless its a brave crapsniffer who argues with 2500 scientists in the IPCC, particularly since some of them probably know a lot about statistics. Also the consequences of being wrong are very serious: although as ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’ pointed out, the consequences of believing in the orthodoxy are also serious.

To sum up then, although this post was inspired by ‘TGGWS‘, this blog is actually trying to work out for itself what the likely truth may be. JOIN IT ON AN EPIC JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY OVER THE NEXT FEW POSTS.

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