More examples of how the special interest groups cannot resist piling Pelion on Ossa. As increasingly civilians agree with some of the most doom laden predictions, the professionals have to up the stakes.
A good example here: David Cameron in a speech on 12th March said that 15,590 species were threatened with extinction because of man’s activities. No said the WWF (in the paper edition only) “in reality the real figure would be much higher because IUCN (the World Conservation Union) ignored many of the predicted threats, including changing weather and temperature patterns”. Journalists: Anthony Browne and Sam Coates.

And from the Independent on 11th March (Geoffrey Lean and Rachel Beebe):
“Liz Hurley’s long-haul wedding has produced a carbon footprint so large that it would take the average British couple more than 10 years to contribute as much to heating up the planet as she and Arun Nayar have done in little over a week. It would take a typical Indian couple a massive 123 years.

A special study, by an Oxford-based footprinting consultancy, suggests the celebrations will release around 200,000kg of carbon into the atmosphere.

The consultancy, Best Foot Forward, reckons this is an underestimate.”

But they did the estimate…

Actually there’s an interesting angle on the Liz Hurley stats: her wedding cost $1.95m (half the top estimate) and produced 200,000kg of carbon. That’s 100gm per $.
The average Indian couple have an annual income of about $1500, but produce the same amount of carbon in 113 years: that’s 1180gm per $.
So in terms of ecomonic activity, Liz Hurley’s wedding is about 10 times less polluting than the average Indian couple!
Let’s hope that none of the money the wedding cost in India ended up in the hands of that couple.