For giving publicity to this heap of crap.
According to research: “Almost three qusrters (70 per cent) of the parents surveyed claimed to make their own pasta sauce; two thirds said they baked their own bread and the same proportion said that they cooked burhers from scratch. More than two thirds baked children’s birthday cakes rather than buying them.”

Come again? More than two thirds. Normally of course its hard to disprove surveys and I’m not complaining about that too much. Its this….

“The research, conducted by Raisingkids, a parenting website, was based on a poll of more than 2500 parents from its website, which external experts say is an accurate reflection of the British family population.”

Now come on – how many parents have ever visited a parenting website and how typical are they of the population? Given that 2/3rds of them bake their own birthday cakes, clearly not many.

Who are these external experts? Well according to the press release on the website: “The sample size was 2687 parents from the registered database, which is representative of the UK population as a whole.” This doesn’t mention any external experts at all – so either Rosemary Bennett knows more than we do – or as I suspect – she knows absolutely bugger all about anything.