For those of you who dont know, there is a big row brewing about the global temperature data (everyone – GISS, CRU and the others) seems to use the same data which I downloaded from .

Basically the number of weather stations used was 5000+ up to about 1990 and now its down to about 1500. Do they show a different trend? They certainly appear to.
I divided the stations into those which are live in the data at some point from 2005 onwards and the chart below shows the trend for those stations compared to all the others (from 1910 to 2009). So the ‘All Others’ line goes to 0 from 2005 onwards.

To me this really looks like the smoking gun that Climategate didn’t produce – sorry to all me ‘regular readers’ for using this site to actually produce some data rather than comment on other peoples rubbish.

Dropping the stations?