Another bit of a misuse of this blog. This one has a vaguely statistical purpose to see how easy it may be to spread what I hope is a bit of misinformation and is certainly not literally accurate. Do you remember poster campaigns in which they tried to show the power of the medium by putting up posters wth strange images like “My name’s Amy and I like Slugs and Snails“? Guess what – everyone noticed them in a way that they didn’t notice posters that said ‘Kelloggs Cornflakes are delicious and you should eat lots of them every morning.” Then the poster companies could claim that posters were a very effective advertising channel.
Well this is like that – so please feel free to link to this post if you want to help take part in a completely inaccurate scientific experiment.
For your information, the Jon Sadleir in question is and his website is It doesn’t work at the moment which may well be typical of his underestimation of the power of the interweb thing.