Thinking about The Times, I thought I’d just list the survey based stories today (another Pleasant Valley Thursday)

And remember kids, if there’s no by-line that means that everyone is too ashamed


The story (page 3): One is six adults has hidden a serious injury, illness or accident.

Is it true: “a survey suggests”

The research: 2000 adults

Byline: None

Cui bono: Centre Pulse (healthcare support)

And: the spokesman is called Wendy Darling, she’s from never-never land.


The story (page 5): People who live alone throw away 40% more food and drink than the average person

Is it true: “a study by the governments advisory body”

The research: (from the source, not The Times) The contractors who carried out the research which the report is based on are:;;

Byline: Ben Webster, Environmental Editor

Cui bono: WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Program). It’s a front organisation for big rubbish.

And: I seem to remember that last time there was big confusion between household waste and total waste: here “**** Equivalent representations – for example if you took all the avoidable potato waste and added it together, it weighs the same as 5.8 million potatoes.” Now to your intrepid commentator this looks like a weasel goldmine. But to do it justice I’m going to have to read the reports.


And: Marvellously the PR Officer and PR manager are both called Seonaid, but they spell it differently – have a look at the link above.

Just lost the will to live,,,,